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This is Table Talk.

This is Table Talk is a fast-growing platform that provides both a community and resources to self-identifying people of colour. Built Better Technology created an online presence for the platform that enabled their community to access all of their resources in one place.

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An up and coming platform on a mission.
Table Talk needed to go digital fast without skipping any steps.

This is Table Talk is a platform dedicated to creating a community for self-identifying people of colour. The platform is dedicated to prioritizing marginalized voices within the community, giving these individuals a chance to share their stories and voices. By utilizing an Indigenous mechanism that promotes communal education, the platform has been able to decolonize conversation and create a safe space for these marginalized voices. 

As the Table Talk platform continued to grow at a fast rate, they needed to create a stronger online presence. Built Better Technology created an easy to navigate website that highlighted all of the platforms up to date information and services.

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A modern twist with Indigenous roots.
Everything was already in place, we just needed to bring it to the web.

This is Table Talk was a new platform with a strong community behind them and an even stronger mission – to decolonize conversations within their community. The platform already had a brand, but they needed a way to bring it to life, that’s where Built Better Technology came in. 

We wanted to communicate everything Table Talk already was but digitally, by creating a modern and slick look and feel while incorporating the Indigenous roots that they stand for. By using bright and vibrant colors, and including a typography set with mixes of modern and classic styles, we brought these historic roots to life with a modern feel that each visitor to their site could experience.

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Ease of use use as the priority in every step of the process,
and with all the bells and whistles.

The website for This is Table Talk had to quickly and effectively provide the information that visitors needed to keep up to date with the platform, while also bringing the fresh and vibrant design elements to life that define This is Table Talk. This provided a challenge for the development team, as these two priorities are often difficult to merge. 

We made use of 3rd party JavaScript libraries like RelaxJS to create parallax elements as you scroll throughout the landing page. This kept visitors intrigued and provided some eye candy without taking away from the ease of use. Next, we wired up This is Table Talk’s social outreach with an Instagram feed and Google Calendar (both fully custom) that updates from their source automatically each time a visitor hits the site.

Lastly, we sourced all the written and media content for the site from BuildingBlocks CMS, our own content management system, so that the team at This is Table talk could update their site anytime, anywhere within a few clicks.

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With a digital home for the community,
this is just the beginning for This is Table Talk.

The platform's new website gained a significant amount of attention from their community once it was launched, with many finding the website eye-catching and easy to navigate. Since its launch, the website has seen more traffic and This is Table Talk has seen an increase in requests for facilitation services. 

The new home for This is Table Talk has proved to be the main stage for their community to keep up with events and news regarding the organization.

What They Say

Parker Johnson.
This is Table Talk Creator.

“My website is a seamless, colorful and interactive, they were collaborative in the process and very well versed in code and design. If you are looking for a company that has both professionalism and genuinely care about the work that they will be making for you I sincerely recommend giving Built Better Technology a call.”

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