Animikii 2018 Social Impact Report.

Animkii’s Social Impact Report (SIR) is integral to their values and giving back initiatives. The 2018 SIR acts as the single source of truth for keeping Animikii accountable to the ambitious amount of community work they strive to take on.
Laptop and Mobile previews

Working off last year's edition,
we put our twist on it and made the data stand out.

We adapted Animikii's previous year's impact report with the updated branding and data for 2018.

The vast amounts of content for the Animkii 2018 SIR made the project challenging. It needed to be easy to navigate, so a single full page with crystal clear navigation following the users' scroll was used. The site also had to be captivating enough to lure the user in, but not so flashy that it took away from the message being presented.  

This project also needed to incorporate data analytics and media content in a captivating way to communicate the sheer amount of community impact that Animikii makes on a yearly basis.

Laptop and Mobile previews

Making the 2018 SIR come to life,
through collaboration and partnership.

Much of the structure of the 2018 SIR was used from the previous year. This led to the collaboration between us and Animikii on picking up the current code base and deployment strategy. We worked closely with Animikii and incorporated modern data analytics and UI libraries for the 2018 site, such as ChartJS.

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