Dare to Program.

Dare To Program was built with the aim of providing all the functionality of an out of the box blogging platform, without the overhead and security concerns that come along with them.
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Engagement is a blog’s life-source,
we needed people to connect to the platform.

The goal for Dare to Program was to create a blog that looked fantastic, while also providing an easy solution to edit and post. The design is both modern and simple. Using a classic blog layout with dynamic sorting and engagement features to make the content pop.

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Custom development,
with performance in mind.

We went out of the box for Dare To Program. This custom blogging application was coded from scratch to provide a fast and secure application that remained easy and intuitive to use (No WordPress was used in the making of Dare To Program...).

The greatest challenge we faced was incorporating all the blogging features we needed to make the platform maintainable, without blowing up the budget. This resulted in an admin panel the blog maintainer could access to create, edit, and post content without needing any coding experience.

Laptop and Mobile previews

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