Tech Job Me.

TechJobMe was built with the sole purpose of providing a free resource for job seekers in the technical field to aid their job search. The platform provides a one-stop-shop for tracking job applications through an intuitive dashboard application.
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A stress free and familiar dashboard experience.
Simplifying the job search for those in the technical industry.

TechJobMe needed to ease the process of applying for technical jobs, not complicate it. With that in mind, the platform was decided to be built using Google’s MaterialUI design library. 

The result was a dashboard that created an experience similar to many of the Google products many users are already familiar with. Get in, get out, and get back to job hunting.

Laptop and Mobile previews

A platform created with the community in mind.
Keep it simple stupid.

TechJobMe was made with the community in mind. The project needed to be made quickly and be able to sustain itself after launch. This led to a concise code base, easy for future open source developers to pick up, and budget-friendly hosting plans that wouldn’t cost more than your lunch today. A fully integrated test suite was integrated into the project, just so we can sleep at night.

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